Contact us at 800-987-4680 and we will rush delivery and process your service. We expedited and serve immediately. We are nationwide private process servers who perform skilled services for people in need of a National Company specializing in Rush and Specially timed services. We guarantee results .

Rush Process Services

Nationwide Process Servers; we rush to all addresses and guarantee results, call 800. 987. 4680

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We are the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation

d.b.a, A.C.E. Inc. Nationwide Process Services

Call 800-987-4680


For twenty years we are widely known as A.C.E., Inc. and officially conduct our business as, A.C.E., Inc., Nationwide Process Servers.

Our process and delivery agents are strategically situated in all county's throughout the United States. With some exceptions, we are capable of delivering letters and notifications and serving legal documents to any address in the United States within 24 hours.

We are the "Go To" Nationwide Processing Company when time is of the essence and dependablity and professional services are needed.

To arrange your RUSH service, please contact our office.  An experienced, knowledgeable and trained processing agent will answer the telephone or email. We are here to assist you and pledge our undivided attention and resources to assist you to a successful conclusion of your service request.